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1.英语作文-Bicycle Sharing(共享单车)

2.My Views on Bicycle-sharing System




英语作文-Bicycle Sharing(共享单车)

Bicycle Sharing

With the development of technology, bicycle sharing comes into peoples lives. It becomes more and more popular and much news reported it. At the same time, we should see that there are some problems caused by bicycle sharing. On one side, bicycle sharing makes it very convenient of people traveling. You can find a bicycle anywhere at any time when you want to go out for a cycling, and the price of one trip is very low. It can save time for people. On the other side, its management is not perfect. Even kids can open the lock and ride the bicycle, there is no doubt that such behavior is very dangerous. Whats more, many people deliberately break it, like throw it to the river or destroy the code above it. In my opinion, we should take a developing view about bicycle sharing. It is obviously helpful to human beings as a high-tech product. The government should introduce relevant provisions to regulate this market to avoid its disadvantages.

My Views on Bicycle-sharing System

My Views on Bicycle-sharing System

  Presently, in big cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou, bicycle-sharing system has become increasingly popular. A large number of shared bikes can be found and rented at a low price.Moreover, you can park the bike almost anywhere you like. Urban transportation has thus been made much more convenient and even revolutionized.   However, along with its rapid development, bicycle-sharing system also brings some problems, including random parking, vandalism and possession of shared bikes, etc. To solve these problems, there are some measures for the authorities to take. Firstly, the government could implement more strict laws and rules to regulate the operation and management of bicycle-sharing system. Secondly, the public should raise their awareness of using shared bike reasonably. Lastly, urban transportation system should be upgraded and improved to accommodate automobiles, bikes and pedestrians.

  To conclude, a sensible attitude should be held toward bicycle-sharing program. Witheffective and efficient measures taken, and efforts made by those involved, it can be expected that bicycle-sharing system will play a contributive and constructive role in urban public transportation.







The shared bikes like Mobike and Ofo bring great convenience to people. You needn’t lock them by simply using your smart phone. They can take you where the subway and bus don’t go. And they can be left anywhere in public for the next user.

However, bad things happen. Some people damage the QR code on the bike, or use their own lock, whichcauses trouble to other users.

In my opinion, it’s difficult to turn these people’s ideas in a short time. Therefore, bike-sharing companies like Mobike and Ofo need to do something. For example, those who damage the bike should pay for their actions. Also, because people use their real name toregister as a user, it’s a good way to connect to one’spersonal credit.

In the end, what I want to say is to take good care of public services.


About three decades ago, China was known as the “Bicycle Kingdom”. But the two-wheeled mode (方式) of transport’s popularity began to fade, with many bikes soon replaced by their fuel-powered competitors.


But recent months have seen a revival (复兴) of the humble (普通的) bike across China, with an increasing number of people choosing cycling instead of driving to schools, to workplaces or to do sightseeing. The introduction of bike-sharing schemes, pioneered by start-ups (新兴公司) like Ofo and Mobike, has brought the trend to a new level.


According to data compiled (编制) by iResearch Consulting Group, the first week of this year saw 5.85 million active users of Mobike while Ofo had 1.4 million active users.


People can unlock the shared bikes by simply using their smartphone. The bikes are equipped with GPS and can be left anywhere in public for the next user. They’re popular among many Chinese people as they provide an effective solution to the “last mile” problem, which refers to the final leg of a person’s journey.



“In places where the subway doesn’t extend (延伸到), where it’s difficult to change from one kind of transport to another, it’s so easy to get where you want to go with Mobike,” Hu Hong, 29, told AFP. She pedals (骑自行车) to her Shanghai real-estate (房地产) job.


However, the schemes have also led to problems such as illegal parking, vandalism (故意破坏) and theft.


Last month, two nurses in Beijing were placed under administrative detention (行政拘留) for five days for putting locks on two shared bikes.


And in December, a man who stole a shared bike was sentenced to a 3-month detention with a 3-month probation (缓刑期), and fined 1,000 yuan by the Shanghai Minhang People’s Court.


“Bike-sharing is a greener method of transportation and provides a user-friendly experience,” said Liu Xiaoming, vice-minister of transport. “But it’s a combination of online and offline business. Operators are usually strong in online services, but lack offline business experience, which causes problems.”


In fact, these problems are also shared by bike-sharing schemes abroad. Launched in 2007, Vélib is a large-scale public bike sharing system in Paris. At its early stage of operation, it also suffered from problems of vandalism or theft.


By Oct 2009, a large number of Vélib’s initial bikes had to be replaced due to vandalism or theft, according to The New York Times. Bikes were found hanging from lampposts (街灯柱) or thrown into the Seine River.



To deal with these problems, the company came up with the idea of encouraging people to return the bikes to stations by rewarding free time for their next rides.


Now, Chinese service operators are also trying to address these problems. For example, Mobike sets a 100-point credit score for each user, with points taken in the case of bad behavior. Once a score drops below 80, bike rental is increased to 100 yuan per 30 minutes, up from 0.5-1 yuan.



Hello, everyone! As we know, the environment is getting worse and worse. People have cut down so many trees that lots of water and soil have been lost, and there are not enough places for animals to make homes. On the other hand, waste from factories has polluted water and air. As a result, it’s very harmful to our health.

To protect the environment, our school has decided to start Green Club. Let’s join the club!

As the club members, we will actively tell everyone how important it is to protect the environment. At the same time, we will participate in some voluntary activities to protect the environment.

Don’t wait! Join the club and start now!


整体来说,这篇习作完成得不错。在篇章结构上,小作者通过on the other hand将污染及其危害的两个方面井井有条地进行了说明;然后使用不定式短语to protect the environment自然地导入第二部分内容,号召大家加入该俱乐部。习作层次分明,条理清晰。

在遣词造句上,小作者运用了丰富的词语和句式,如cut down、as a result、be harmful to、 so...that...句型和there be句型等,鲜明地表达了自己的观点,使习作具有较强的说服力和号召力。


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